Another Julie Necklace

by Joy Masters on May 5, 2009


I found these pretty blue glass beads and of course, thought of my lovely sister.

She works as a lab tech in a doctor’s office and has to wear scrubs. She chooses some pretty designs and colors, but the collars can be high, like a crewneck. For necklace choices she can only go with short chokers or else risk getting longer ones caught on the various machines she works with all day. That would be a bad way to go. And not a good newspaper headline, "Woman’s demise due to her sister making her wear a necklace that was too long and got hung up on a blood count machine. And really she wore the long necklace because she didn’t want to hurt her sister’s feelings. " See? Not catchy.

So, here is another choker for my working girl sister.

Made with red 20 gauge perm-colored copper wire, blue glass beads that have a little swirl of red in them and silver crimp beads to keep the blue ones in place. The clasp is made of two spirals that fit over and around each other.


And matching earrings.


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