Caught Garnet Earrings

by Joy Masters on May 7, 2009


I hate losing my favorite earrings. I seem to lose at least one a year. Always a favorite, never the stupid ones. Ok, you’re right, I do wear my favorites more often, therefore the chance of losing one of them is greater than the stupid ones I don’t wear as often. All right, enough of your logic!

One of my favorite loses is a garnet earring. Actually, on the upside?, I lost both of them. This IS better. This way I do not have the lone earring, looking up at me sadly, missing it’s mate, every time I open my earring compartment. I can hear it crying at night. It’s heartbreaking.

Here is the wiggly form that I used on one of my maiden set of earrings that ended up with my sister. My friend Topping liked that the stones looked caught. These here are made with sterling wire (22 gauge, maybe), sterling kidney earwires and two shapes of genuine garnet beads, faceted round and hexagon.

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