Memory Wire ring

by Joy Masters on May 18, 2009


This is my first memory wire ring. It looks a little bit sloppy, but it is for my eldest niece and I am not sure of her ring size, so I have not bent it back into shape completely. The cool thing about memory wire is that you can easily adjust the size to be bigger or smaller. The difficult thing is to get the beads on the wire without bending it to straight. I am sure that there is an easier way, I just have looked around the jewelry blogs enough yet about this technique. If you have an idea, please let me know!

Made with one of my niece’s favorite colors, pink, and hematite size 10 glass seed beads. It’s a little hard to see the bluey-gray color of the hematite hued beads, but it looks pretty good against the pink. As I say so myself. Completely unbiased. Just make sure to use memory wire cutters and not the¬†flush wire cutters on memory wire. Otherwise, you will be buying yourself a new pair of flush¬†cutters.

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