Ack! Ha! Argh.

by Joy Masters on June 15, 2009

Sorry I have been away for awhile. A couple things happened. We were robbed, or as I was corrected, burglarized, burgled, last weekend. Ack. That sucked. They took my Gram’s necklace. Argh.

Then Sketchfest NYC happened. That did not suck. The Comedy Nerds podcast (link at right), run by the dude I live with and his friend Dan McInerney, recorded interviews with almost all the sketch groups that performed at the Fest this year. We tried to get everyone, but it just wasn’t feasible. Since I assist on the sound engineering side of the podcast, I was there for all three nights as well. It was so much fun. I am sure that it didn’t have anything to do with Blue Point Beer being a sponsor.  And this is also beside the fact that we were in a dark hallway, in a basement, under a supermarket. And there was a power outage. Twice. Once with sparks and smoke. Oh, yes.

Here are a few pictures of my illustrious dude, Dan and their The Comedy Nerds Podcast co-horts, Michael Hartney and Nick Turner.

Dude, Nick and Michael, brainstorming with a backdrop of Merlin’s cape.


Dude, hard at work


Dan with The Imponderables


Dude and Michael interviewing Sidecar


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