Mixed Stone, Glass and Wire Bracelet

by Joy Masters on June 5, 2009


I have had the chunky blue and green stones from the beginning of my obsession. Finally, I have used them! And finally I have another post this week! I have been very lazy.

I have been hording the blue pearls and greenish czech glass for awhile too. Since there are so many things going on in this bracelet, I took a ton of pictures. Hope you don’t mind the image overload.

Made with a base or 14 and 18 gauge wire, then 22 and 24 (I think) gauges for the beads. Along with the blue and green stones ( I don’t know what they are, if anyone does, please let me know) are aquamarine hexagons, blue and green pearls, czech glass faceted roundels and mossy looking agate smooth roundels.



Do you like the artsy angle here? Yeah, I am not certain either.


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