Compass Rose and Lava

by Joy Masters on July 23, 2009

The officiant of my wedding, one of my guinea pigs and warrior woman (I have a kickbutt picture of her wielding a sword), Topping Haggerty, likes a good compass rose or mariner’s compass. However you would like to call it. So I made her a necklace.

Here is a compass rose charm I attached to a round lava bead with a handmade bail, silk teal cord and a different kind of crimp clasp that I haven’t used before. I used a wee bit of glue on the ends of the silk cord before crimping them in the clasp.


Here is the clasp.


So, Topping is terrific. She sent me these focal beads, just because! I am excited to make something with them. No, not all in one piece. Or maybe… nah. Maybe. No way! Ok, perhaps. That would be crazy, so no.


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