Corruption of Nieces

by Joy Masters on July 30, 2009

Of, by. Corruption seems to go both ways.

My littlest niece ended up staying with my parental units (her beloved Nana and Papa) for about 2 months this summer. When I visited, she and I got into a contest of who would miss the other more.

Me: "I am going to miss you."

Her: "I am going to miss you more."

Me: "Well, I already miss you and I haven’t even left yet."

Her: "I missed you before you even got here."

Me: "I missed you the day you were born."

Her: "I missed you the day you were born."

Me: "How? You didn’t even exist yet."

Her: "I missed you while I was up there (points skyward) waiting to be born."

Ok, she wins.

She made me this necklace from the stash that our Aunt Sue gave us. I love it! And I have gotten her hooked on beads and jewelry! Ha! Ha! Who wins now??



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