Green Garnet Ring

by Joy Masters on August 11, 2009

This is my first go with this style of ring making. And only my third attempt at a ring. I am still learning.

Green garnets are so pretty.


I got the idea for the form from Tammy Powley at

and of course I had to add some spirals. Spirals spinning! My brain is thinning.

In the next set of images you can see more clearly how it’s made. Yep, messily, but I will keep practicing. The band was made by bending about 2-3 inches of 18 gauge silver-colored, non-tarnish wire around a ring mandrel, then forming a loop at each end. 24 gauge wire was then slipped through the bead and wrapped around the 18 g on each side, with the excess used for the spirals. It’s deceptively comfortable.

greengarnetringsidem greengarnetringside2m greengarnetringbackm1 greengarnetring1m

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