Jo-Ann’s Peachy Pink Necklace

by Joy Masters on August 3, 2009

My eldest niece, (I have been very niece-centric lately) (it’s not a bad thing) (it’s a good thing) (for real!) Jo-Ann, picked out this pretty ceramic pendant at a bead store near my parental units- Market Beads. A nice store, decent selection on focal beads, but a little bit pricey. Weird that Liverpool, NY (which is considered Upstate NY to New Yorkers and Central New York to the rest of the world) would be pricier than New York City, but I guess it is a case of supply/demand, etc. It’s the same with manicures and pedicures- cheapo here, expensive up there.

Ceramic textured pendant, silk ribbon, copper and glass round beads and a handmade copper wire-wrapped bail. I knotted the ribbon to keep the beads in place.


I am getting a little better at bails, but they still need some work. Good thing I like things messy looking!


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