Special Weekend Update

by Joy Masters on September 12, 2009

I usually do not post on the weekends because I am a bag of lazy bones. Wait. I meant, because I am diligently working on jewelry stuff. There, that’s better.

I have been remiss in thanking two pretty great guys with their help on the website. My awesome little brother made the moon logo you see above and my awesome dude that I live with made it appear nicely on the website and on the etsy site. I would not have been able to do either of these things. I’m lucky I know how to upload pictures.


My gift to the awesome litte brother was some special rum. See below –┬áisn’t it pretty? My gift to the dude I live with is a lifetime of hugs. I know, gooey, but he doesn’t really drink. I have no other recourse. It’s hugs or alcohol with me.


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