Tunnel Vision for Quilty Things

by Joy Masters on September 21, 2009

I told you I had tunnel vision when it comes to the making of the jewelry. Sounds like an event or Shakespearean play.

Now Playing at the Players Playhouse "Making of the Jewelry" at 8pm.

My current tunnel vision is for quilty things. I blame sisters. My good friend/muse/guinea pig Topping, has a quilting sister as well and she has requested some quilty type earrings for her. Topping’s sister is unbalanced. I mean! she likes things that are not necessarily matching, but that go together. Like my socks.

Using some familiar looking quilt charms, I made a frame for them to mimic the quilted outline on quilts and the thin wire wrapping to echo thread. Wire and earwires are sterling silver, charms are pewter.


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