Third Class and Weekend Projects

by Joy Masters on November 9, 2009

Bah-Bam! Two posts in one day. I figured it’s been awhile since my last post and I owed you a couple. I should pace myself better.

Here is the filed and slightly polished third stage of the ring we are making at SVA . Again, it took the WHOLE class to file. But, I got to use a power tool. It’s like a Dremel. Bzzz! Bzzzzz!!


And here are two necklaces I made over the weekend. The coral in the coral and dark wood (ebony. I think?) necklace is a really great red color which did not come through in the picture. It looks more, well, coral. But it’s not! So imagine it as red. Really red. I am playing with asymmetry lately. I like it. I think it helps balance me. Notice I said ‘helps’.


And here is a wood (no idea what kind. Maybe ash? or walnut? I guess I did have a couple of ideas.), dyed blue shells and 3mm sterling round beads.


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