Another contest

by Joy Masters on December 17, 2009

They are good for the soul.

Stringing Magazine has a seasonal challenge . They have a great magazine with tons of ideas and tips. I just got the Best of Stringing 2009 edition . SO many cool things in it. It’s like crack for bead people. Or what I imagine crack is for crack people, but for bead people. You know what I mean.

Their Winter Challenge is called “Inspired By Art”. For my entry, I am using mosaics as¬†inspiration as well as the asymmetry I learned from Ms. Elizabeth Knodle. I really wanted to use the little blue and red mosaic beads you see on the upper left-hand side of the necklace.

If you would be kind enough to vote for me, you can do so here . I think I am #6.

NOTE: I realize that today is the last day for voting. I have been away for a little bit – my nephew graduated college for pete’s sake! college! I had him when I was very young. I mean my sister did. Anyway, we are super proud of him, because he’s awesome, and he made it through a tough aeronautical engineering school. I am lucky if I spelled aeronautical correctly. Congratulations Jared!! We love you!!



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Dustin D'Addato December 17, 2009 at 9:55 am

I voted for it! Even thought the way you vote for it is kind of funky.

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