My dAd is awesome!! He made me beads!!

by Joy Masters on January 15, 2010

Sorry for all the exclamation points, but my dAd is very awesome. I am totally not biased at all*. If you knew him, you would agree 100%. He’s the best.

dAd is super handy and likes to play with power tools. I do too, but he actually knows what he is doing. (He may disagree with this statement, but if you look at the results of his work, he must know something. Regardless, he knows more than I do. However, I do think that we may be equally dangerous (mostly to ourselves) when wielding these devices.)

He was cutting down some trees in his back pasture, sans cutting his leg**, and made me some kick-butt beads from different types of trees: ash, maple, apple, lilac and pine.

So cool! Check out the grain on these and the shapes! Like I said. My dAd is awesome. Thanks dAd!

dadstriangles dadsshapes







* Ok, maybe a smidgen biased, but that’s all.

** It’s happened.

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