Belle Armoire Jewelry Magazine*

by Joy Masters on February 16, 2010

I just got the DEC/JAN/FEB 2010 issue.  Ok, by just, I mean I got this over the holidays (of the Christmas variety, not Mr. MLK or Presidents) while I was visting the parental units in Sunny Syracause. Relative to, say, a year ago, I JUST got this issue. :)

Some really cool stuff in here. It really makes me excited to try new things. Check it out here.

The beautiful cover shot is of a pair of earrings by Shannon LeVart called “Turning Leaves”. I bought one of her cool little resined leaves on etsy. She does some neat-o stuff with fabric in her jewelry as well. You can check out more of Shannon’s work at her 2 etsy shops, and and her blog.












*FYI- Belle Armoire Jewelry has no idea who I am. I just thought this was a pretty cool magazine and wanted to tell the world. Hello World! Check it out!

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