Here’s Treble!

by Joy Masters on February 25, 2010

Whoa, that was dorky. How about “Ode to a Sister-In-Law”?  My dude’s sister gave me some wonderful peruvian opals for Christmas.

(What? It’s only not even 3 months after the holiday. In my world, it is almost like going back in time, I am so on top of this.)

If you scroll through the website, you may notice that I like swirly things. I also am in love with music, but do not pretend to be an expert in that area. I know my Gershwin from my Stravinsky from my Whozeewhatsit, but beyond that, I am just a lover of tunes rather than a musicologist. Anywho, the G or treble clef is one of the most recognizable symbols in music.

I have made my own stylized version of it. Can you see it down there?


Clearly, I am no Sujatha Victor – Photographer.

Treble clef made with hammered brass wire, gold-filled earwire, two peruvian opal rondelles, two lemon quartz faceted rondelles. I really like these (did I just say that? whoa, it must something to do with my going back in time, maybe I am coming down with something) .

I think I will make more.

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