Tough Love… Happy Valentine’s Day!

by Joy Masters on February 9, 2010

Although Valentine’s Day is not my favorite holiday – too much pink and red together (ick), the abundance of chocolates make it all worth it. Yum!

The good folks at (one of my very favorite websites, see the link to the left ->) invited me to sample and review some of their Valentine’s themed beads and findings. I received Red Camo Nylon Buttons (BTN-058) how cool are these little buttons? Very!,  Sterling Silver Two-Hole Heart Symbol Bead (ISAB-HEART), Griffin Bead Red Silk Cord #4 (GSILK4RD) and Sterling Silver Embellishment Ring with Side Design , Size 7 (SS-RING03-7). What says love and Valentine’s Day like red and black camouflage? You’re right – chocolate, but that’s it.


My first thought was to knot the silk cord through the buttons forming a flower with the silver heart as the center and attach the whole thing to the embellishment ring. Buttons are not just for shirts and coats, my friends. Unfortunately, the silk cord did not offer the support needed to hold up this red camo structure. Do not blame the silk cord! It was the designer’s fault. Instead I used 26 gauge black artistic wire and was able to form and maintain the flower structure better.


Doesn’t the flower remind you of a button mum? A button mum made out of buttons? Right? Did I lose you?


These camo buttons are really cool. The camo gives them an unexpectedness. They have inspired me to try something outside my comfort zone and I want to try more. The only thing you need to watch our for, if you are a brute like me, is when you are using tough/hard wire with these it can scratch the button surface. Other than that, they are tough little things.





The silver ring is very affordable and the emblem on the sides adds interest too. With the little loop at the top, you can attach a multitude of concoctions. The heart bead has two sets of holes which gives you more flexibility in your designs.

 Disclosure: The red camo buttons, silver ring, silver heart bead and silk cord were kindly provided free-of-charge by, within the frames of blogging program, and have been honestly reviewed by the author. The author of this blog has not received any payment from above-mentioned company. The post above represents only personal opinion of the blog author.

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