Metal Chic

by Joy Masters on April 17, 2010

Ooh, hammering metal is so cathartic! With every little delicate bash of the hammer, I imagine smashing all the PITAs (Pain In The A.. you know what part of the body) from the day right on top of their little PITA heads.

I am taking my second silversmithing class at SVA with Victoria Tillotson of Chic Metal fame. And although I try to rush the process along, take shortcuts and say I am finished when I really am not, Victoria, very nicely, says, “No, you need to polish some more.” or “Really, that jagged edge you left there is going to draw blood. You need to file a little more.”  So, finally, I have finished a cuff! 

Hammered 18 gauge brass, 22 gauge brass wire, green tourmaline chips.

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