The Funny Jeweler

by Joy Masters on April 5, 2010

Ok, that is totally subjective. But, people seem to laugh at me a lot. Oh, yes. They do. Whether or not the reason for their laughter is a good thing, that fact that there is laughter happening is always good.

My dude’s TheComedyNerds podcast this week is the 100th episode!!! Please check it out. 

The guest this week is Sound Engineer. (That’s me!) (But shhhh, don’t tell anyone, my identity is a secret.) They vowed to never give Sound Engineer a microphone. Even though she is the one that usually controls the volume and EQ for them, they said no. “You talk too much without a mic anyway.” “We are scared of what will happen if you are actually amplified.” The hosts were frightened, but I think Sound Engineer was well behaved.

Besides, if Dan (my dude’s co-host) is participating in the podcast, most guests are lucky to get a word in edgewise.

Love you Dan.

We talk about stage fright with regard to comedy, but really attacking your fear in order to do what you love transcends into every area.


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