Charity and Retail (This Saturday!)

by Joy Masters on June 15, 2010

Like I said, it is good to give.  I like giving. Think of Karma, what you send out is what you get back and also just the plain old good feeling you get  from giving when you don’t have to. Plus, I get to make shiny things and send them out into the world. Be free little shiny thing, be free!

Seriously though, I had the honor of donating a piece of jewelry to a charity cocktail party this weekend. I call the necklace Building a World. Lofty title? Perhaps, but you know what Casey Kasem says, “Aim high so when you fall it’s still higher than low”. Wait. That’s not right. And probably not Casey Kasem. But Casey did say something about the sky and the stars and the ground.

You get the gist.

Also I will be at the Brooklyn Indie Market this Saturday from 11-7pm. Located under the red and white striped tent on Smith and Union Street, Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. Come say hello! There are some really cool vendors there.

Made with Chrosprase (the green bits) lava rondelles and black agate petals.  

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