Even Mo’ Metal

by Joy Masters on June 11, 2010

I have been beboppin’ around the Western Hemisphere as of late. I know, “Oh, woe is me”. But don’t cry for me Argentina, I made it through! (of course, it was actually very lovely) March was Ft. Lauderdale to see my bubby (I really called my older brother that when I was little, still do sometimes), May was to Austin to see T-Bird (Topping, I really called her that when I was there, I am not sure she appreciated it), and May-June was to Barbados with the in-laws. (I did not call them anything ridiculus. They may have left me there, floating in the Caribbean. I could be in Aruba or Africa right now, depending on the current.)

Anywhoozle, here is the most recent finished product from my jewelry class with Victoria Tillotson at SVA, a belated (shocking!) birthday gift for my dude’s sister Lindsay– who also took this very cool picture.

This is a ~2″ copper cuff with reticulated silver inserted. Boy, when you do not saw straight lines, it takes FOR-EVER to file everything down and make it fit.

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