We built a workbench!

by Joy Masters on April 25, 2011

My totally awesome dAd and I built a New York City apartment friendly workbench last time I was home. It was mostly dAd, but I really did help. I swear! We used all recycled, reclaimed materials except for the pegboard hardware and drawer slides. Even the metal lining the drawers was recycled. The top one for wax used to be part of the parental units’ roof and the bottom drawer for metals used to be part of the slide we had in the backyard. I’m talking history people. And MoM and dAd have a leaky roof…

All I am saying is, being a packrat, I mean- collector of things, is actually a good thing.

This is a sturdy bench made with 4x4s that used to be pallets. The wood in the table top used be part of the barn which BEFORE THAT was used to line trailers that dAd used to drive before he retired the first time. Pretty cool. I am not sure where the pegboard came from, dAd just said, “The hay loft.” And we will leave it at that.

Here it is, shiny and new in the parental units’ garage. Pay no attention to the vegetables hanging out in the buckets to the right. They’re so narcissistic.

Now, here it is after the daughter of a packrat, I mean, collector of things! – has had it in her possession for a couple months. It is well loved!

Thanks to best dAd in the universe!!! xoxoxo!!!

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Ken April 25, 2011 at 6:58 pm

Very cool.

Joy Masters April 25, 2011 at 7:08 pm

Thank you cultured one!

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