Winter’s Memory

by Joy Masters on April 13, 2011

Yep. It’s Spring in New York City. Or at least, it was today. Which reminds me of poor Winter. It put up a good fight, ranted and raved with sleet, rain, snow, wind, snow/rain, snow/rain/hail. Now Spring is being a little weepy with the rain, but, hey, it’s April.

Anyway, being from Syracuse, I believe I have a different relationship with Winter than those that did not grow up in the Snowbelt. I love Winter. I know, you think I’m crazy. Most people do. I also love the rain (which gets me some weird looks too), but we are talking Winter here.

What I love: Winter’s chill, the sound of footsteps in the snow and the sound of snow falling- we have some giant lake-effect flakes in Syracuse, the colors in nature that are not available any other time of year, the way shadows falls – low and long- and the night comes early.  There is electricity in the air, an energy that is completely different than the other seasons. The sun is actually more piercing in Winter, like it is aiming directly for your eyeballs. I also love coming inside for cozy hot chocolate, stew and frothy pints of dark beer. Mmm.

I am sure my romantic view would be completely changed if I did not have a warm home, boots and coat. But I have those things, so I am lucky and able to enjoy Winter.

The silver foil lined venetian glass beads that Artbeads has seem to capture some of Winter for me. The blue, cobalt, crystal and gray beads are intense and cool like the colors that Winter makes, like ice, snow and the crisp chill, if chill could be a color. The earrings here have a swirl of silver wire at the bottom and in between each bead, like a swirly Winter wind. The earwires are also swirly wind-like. These guys are long (like Winter shadows or icicles- right?), about 3 inches or more.

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