Hello again!

by Joy Masters on November 6, 2011

I have been busy working both my jewelry jobs (ok, brother? I’ve been busy. love you!).

So, New stuff!

I am trying something new: dainty. Also: simple. I was thinking about one of my favorite American composers, Aaron Copland and his piece called Appalachian Springs which uses the theme from an old Shaker hymn called Simple Gifts by Joseph Brackett. You’ve heard it. Just listen to it and you will go, “Oooh, right. That tune.”

Ok, so it a was complicated way of getting to the concept of simple. The idea, for me anyway, is that although something may seem and look and feel simple, the history behind it is often pretty complex.

I needed to make a bunch of big, somewhat complicated stuff, in order to get to these, which I am calling my Copland Collection.

Chrome Dioside:

Lemon Quartz and Labradorite:

And my beloved pyrite:

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