I love trees!

by Joy Masters on September 2, 2013

I really do! My favorite was an old willow tree next to my parents’ house. Until dAd, the reaper, took it down. All right, in all fairness, the willow leaves were causing havoc for our yard and the neighbor’s. And maybe, just maybe, the willow wasn’t as healthy and I liked to think it was. AND dAd loves to use his toys. Who can blame him? Anyhoo, my love affair with trees had already started.

I have been taking a lot of pictures looking up through trees. Yep. I have. Like this:


I love the way the sun looks filtered through the branches and leaves. Here is my first attempt of recreating that in metal. Although this one is slightly more wintry than the photo, you get the idea.

Brass with citrine chips.



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